In Referencement-Magie we are dedicated to develop more than software: management solutions aimed at small and medium enterprises seeking to optimize their information processes.

With this purpose we provide a wide range of software solutions that cover any need, offering programs that allow you to get the most out of your business with efficient processes, fast and agile to use.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to optimize the business management processes of SMEs.

Our mission is to provide companies with innovative, effective and easy-to-use software solutions with one goal: to optimize their business management processes.

Our software solutions unite technological innovation and ease of use so that the user can find support for their real needs in intuitive, powerful and agile solutions.


Our vision is to bring management software to your company

Referencement-Magie was born with the aim of meeting the management needs of SMEs and micro SMEs.

Our vision is to bring management software to a wide variety of companies so that with minimal effort optimize the daily management of their businesses.

Our values

Customer orientation

We focus our efforts on customer satisfaction, providing excellent software and offering immediate solutions to their needs.


In Referencement-Magie we accompany and advise our customers from the decision making of the software solution that best suits their needs, to the daily and intensive use of the program in the day to day of your business.

Proximity and direct treatment

We offer a permanent and direct advice to our clients to give immediate solutions to their needs.


We offer intuitive management programs, easy to use and covering all the needs of users with a single objective: to add value to your business. The result is complete solutions with an excellent learning curve.

Innovation and continuous improvement

We promote continuous improvement and innovation to achieve the highest quality in our programs becoming a benchmark in the market for software programs and services provided, likewise our solutions maintain a continuous adaptation to the latest legal and regulatory changes.

Reliability and trust

We work daily to maintain the reliability of our programs and the confidence of our customers. The long trajectory and experience accumulated in these years endorse us as one of the most reliable and secure options on the market and allows us to have a broad base of more than 27,000 users who already rely on our solutions.


We encourage the participation of all departments of the company to share information and knowledge with a common goal: to create maximum value for our customers.