CBD Creams: Effects on Body

CBD Creams flourish in the resellers of hemp products as well as in the cosmetic industry. In fact, many virtues of cannabidiol, a molecule extracted from hemp. It would be remarkably good for the skin. It is therefore found in the form of moisturizer or soothing cream, most often with the addition of other components such as oil, CBD, or not. Back to the composition, benefits, and possible effects of its creams, as well as some tips to make the right choice.

Why use a CBD cream?

CBD creams base their composition on a very specific component: cannabidiol. Naturally present in large quantities in hemp plants, CBD is in fact a molecule that interacts easily with our organism. The human body also secretes molecules very close to the cannabinoids of hemp, called in our case endocannabinoids.

So we all have CB1 and CB2 Sensors, forming our endocannabinoid system (SECOND). These sensors are found respectively in our nervous system and our immune system. By synthesizing CBD, they are responsible for its effects on the human body.

Therefore, using a hemp cream with CBD allows you to take advantage of its virtues (soothing, relaxing, moisturizing). The advantage of the cream is that it is easy to use locally, to acts only in the areas concerned. However, users of CBD creams can look for different effects.

What do users of CBD creams look for?

As just mentioned, the main practical benefit of CBD creams is their topical application. Two types of effects can then be sought. The first is a surface action that acts directly on the skin. The second goes deeper by treating, for example, the muscles and joints.

However, be careful: CBD is not legally recognized as a medical treatment. Therefore, it is by no means sold as a therapeutic treatment and its users should use these products with full knowledge of the facts. If you are considering the use of CBD creams for their effects on the body, it is highly recommended to talk to a doctor beforehand. Only a health professional can advise you on appropriate dosages and recommend whether or not to use such products.

Types of CBD products for the skin.

Above all, users of CBD creams are looking for three types of action: keep their skin in hydration (daily care) or regeneration (anti-aging), relieve skin lesions (psoriasis, acne, eczema), or help their body in sport. CBD would act in particular as a natural anti-inflammatory and can therefore be applied in massages.

Different types of CBD products on the market include:

  • Maintenance creams: facial and body care, CBD tattoo creams.
  • cosmetic products: anti-aging creams and scrubs
  • Restorative creams: lip balms, foot, and hand care
  • Care creams: CBD creams to relieve eczema, acne, or psoriasis
  • Balms and creams for sportsmen: to relieve cramps or prevent pains

CBD creams and oils: the winning duo

CBD is a molecule that acts naturally in the body. However, it is possible for both to optimize its effects and facilitate its penetration into the body. You just have to combine it with a fatty body such as oil. This is where liposomes take all your interest

Liposomes are artificial vesicles mainly composed of fat cells. Together, liposomes naturally create protective structures in which it is possible to encapsulate other components to protect them. In the case of CBD creams, the cannabidiol molecules are protected by the liposomes, allowing them to better penetrate through the skin. Once in the body, they pass more easily through the intestinal membrane to be redistributed in tissues and cells that need it.

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