Managing a team in the era of digital clouds

Are you following the trends in team management in the modern world? Teams today work in a different way than, say, just ten years ago.

International teams, remote work, flexible working hours and a rapidly growing number of freelancers… Do you have everything you need to manage a modern team?

The tools for team management have changed. Will the rules change?

Are you familiar with the feeling that a leader feels when his or her team finally achieves their goal? It’s like climbing a high mountain. You feel tired, exhausted, but at the same time you are overflowing with joy, pride and happiness.

Once the goal is reached, everything seems pretty simple. The exhaustion of work and the complexity and problems accompanying each project are forgotten.

For me, the feeling that you feel at the top of a metaphorical mountain is nothing but the essence of teamwork: you and your team members become one. A single, powerful force formed by the capabilities of the individuals working together. The main thing is to be able to direct this power in the right direction.

Team management software

Communication is the key, and knowledge is the power. Good software will give you both: tools for effective communication and access to all the necessary information.

Effective project scheduling, time management, document storage, secure communication – good team management software is truly comprehensive. And to enjoy all the benefits of modern technology, you need to choose a cloud solution.

Cloud-based command management software

Cloud-based team management software gives you the advantage of eliminating time and space constraints, allowing you to manage your team anytime, anywhere.

Now you have all the information you need, whenever and wherever you need it. You can access it from your phone, laptop or desktop. No software installation, no complicated backup system, no synchronization.

Here’s the beauty of cloud-based software: it gives you access to the latest data anytime, anywhere.

Remote command interaction

Previously, the expression “put the team together” meant bringing all team members together at the same table. Things are different today. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, 24 percent of the working population in the United States did all or part of their work remotely.

And that number is growing every year. And remote teamwork requires tools other than office easels and meeting rooms.

Tools for remote commands

Tools for remote commands should be available first of all in the cloud, anywhere and at any time.

There are a number of online tools for timekeeping, project management and employee communication, some of which are even free. But do you want to use a dozen different applications and services?

Fortunately, there are tools for remote teams that combine all the necessary functions. And really good tools like MoneyPenny also allow you to keep track of your team’s work in real time. See for yourself!

Remote command merge

So you get the point. Services such as MoneyPenny provide the ability to keep track of working hours, secure communication and storage of documents in the cloud.

They also provide simple project management, automatic billing and real-time visibility of the team. It seems to be enough to use one program, and you will have everything under control.

But the real challenge of managing a team in today’s world is to bring together a remote team. How do you create a sense of teamwork when your team members are in different parts of the world?

How can you unlock the potential of each team member if you have never talked to any of them personally?

Get to know your team better! Right in the cloud

Modern cloud-based team management solutions allow you to see how your team works in real time.

Well thought out hours worked reports not only reflect the number of hours worked, but can also show the strengths and weaknesses of your team members.

Integrated project management allows you to analyze progress and problems in real time. Anytime, anywhere. Online team time management will give you knowledge of how your team’s work is progressing.

The main thing is to understand what to do with this knowledge, because there is no clear set of rules on how to deal with this kind of information.

Successful management of a team is the ability to recognize the strengths of employees. Even if you work in different rooms or in different hemispheres of the Earth.

Bringing a team to success requires experience, common sense and communication skills that were needed even when the whole team was meeting at the same table.

The tools to help you succeed have changed, but the general rules remain the same.